Run Goodsprings Run - Fallout: New Vegas wiki

1. Enter the Prospector Saloon, and watch Joe Cobb threaten Trudy, then run out of the saloon.

2. Follow the road south for a short ways to find Cobb leaning against a house with several other Powder Gangers nearby. Talk to him and tell him that you are willing to kill Ringo, ini the Goodsprings gas station.

3. Go to the gas station and kill Ringo.

4. (OPTIONAL) After you have returned to Cobb, get supplies from the townsfolk.

               Chet- Speech Check (barter 25 OR speech 25). Reward- leather armor for the Powder Gangers

                Doc Mitchell- Speech check (medicine 25). Reward- 5 stimpaks

5. Kill everyone in Goodsprings.

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