Infinite Money Glitch - Fallout: New Vegas wiki

  1. Clear out Primm in the mission, my kind of town
  2. Wait for a couple of days, then return to the Vikki and Vance casino
  3. Clear out the thugs in the casino, then wait for another couple of days
  4. Return when it's day time, and purchase chips from the cashier
  5. Exchange the bought chips for currency

You will find that the chips do not get taken away from your inventory, allowing you to take as much money as you want.

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Benjamin Weeks's picture

Nice money glitch, i plan on doing this when i buy this game.

Semblance's picture

This has now been patched on Xbox, but can still be accessed by clearing your system cache. Post if a comment if you require any help.

Struggles's picture

ill try it but im confuzzled

king clepto's picture

the weapon and armor glitch still works. where if the seller has 2 of anything (weapons/ armor) buy the one in the worst condition(cheaper). sell it back to them without exiting the menu. buy back the same cheap item and it should be in your weapons/ armor menu in perfect condition. then from there u can jus continue to buy and sell til you wipe out all there caps.

Semblance's picture

I guess you could try, but with my method you can get 50k credits every 3 seconds.

Magnisethered's picture

How do I clear my system Cache?

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