Ghost Town Gunfight - Fallout: New Vegas wiki

1. Enter the Prospector Saloon, where Joe Cobb is threatening Trudy.

2. Talk to Trudy and ask her about where Ringo is hiding. She will reveal that he is hiding in the gas station at the top of the hill.

3. Go to the gas station and talk to Ringo. Tell him that you are willing to help him defeat the Powder Gangers.

4. (OPTIONAL) Visist the townsfolk to enlist their help. Completing the following tasks will make the corresponding person join you.

               Sunny Smiles- Simply talk to her.

               Chet- Speech check (barter 25) or 1000 caps. Reward- leather armor (50%)

               Easy Pete- Speech check (explosives 25). Reward- dynamite x5

               Trudy- Speech check (speech 25 OR sneak 25) Reward- 1 or 2 other townsfolk

               Doc Mitchell- Simply talk to him for 3 stimpaks. Speech check 30 for 2 doctors bags

               Victor- Speech check (science 25) Reward- nothing. He won't even show up.

5. Return to Ringo and tell him you are ready to fight.

6. Follow Ringo outside where the other townsfolk are waiting. Joe Cobb and 5 other Powder Gangers will be coming down the road. Kill them all to complete the quest.

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