Video Walkthrough - Fallout 3

01 Beginning

Baby Steps - You're Special
Growing Up Fast - Happy Birthday!
Future Imperfect - The G.O.A.T. / Medicine Bobblehead
Escape! - Radroaches Everywhere
Escape! - Leaving the Vault
Intelligence Bobblehead Part 1 - The Journey
Intelligence Bobblehead Part 2 - Great Success

02 The Power of the Atom

To Nuke or Not to Nuke
Turn Your Key Pt. 1 (Negative Karma)
Turn Your Key Pt. 2 (Negative Karma)
Triple Disarming (Positive Karma)

03 Following In His Footsteps

Question Moriarty
Hiyo Silver!
Taking The Train
Linking Up With the Brothers

04 Galaxy News Radio

Into the Metro
Raiders and Dogs
Into the Museum
Finding the Dish
Reporting Back to Three Dog
Galaxy News Radio (post script) - Three Dog's Cache

05 Unmarked Quests

Leo's Drug Habit

06 Wasteland Survival Guide Chapter 1

Wasteland Survival Guide - Intro
Wasteland Survival Guide Chapter 1 - Super Duper Mart Food
Wasteland Survival Guide Chapter 1 - Super Duper Mart Medicine
Wasteland Survival Guide Chapter 1 - Radiation Sickness
Wasteland Survival Guide Chapter 1 - Journey to Minefield
Wasteland Survival Guide Chapter 1 - Not in Arkansas Anymore

07 The Replicated Man

Zimmer's Request
Pinkerton's Bow and Decision Making
Revealing Harkness (Positive Karma)
Wired Reflexes (Negative and Neutral Karma)

08 Big Trouble in Big Town

Investigation and Travel
Saving Red
Shorty Too
In Defense of Big Town

09 Blood Ties

Investigating Arefu
Find the Family
Talking to the Family
Settle the Feud

10 Tenpenny Tower

Getting a Job as a Ghoul Killer
Time to Choose
Kill Roy and His Crew (Negative Karma)
Peaceful Resolution Part 1 (Positive Karma)
Peaceful Resolution Part 2 (Positive Karma)
Send in the Ghouls (Negative Karma)
Tenpenny Massacre (Negative Karma)

11 You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head

Mission Beginning and Dukov
More Keys/Tenpenny's Counter Offer
Killing Tenpenny or Crowley

12 Those!

Grayditch Investigation
Lesko's Proposal
Ant Might Ant Sight
A Home for Brian

13 Scientific Pursuits

Jefferson Memorial
Vault 112

14 Tranquility Lane

Betty's Games Part 1 (Negative Karma)
Betty's Games Part 2 (Negative Karma)
Failsafe (Positive Karma)

15 Wasteland Survival Guide Chapter 2

Mole Rat Repellant
Mirelurk Eggs
Personal Injury

16 The Superhuman Gambit

Canterbury Commons
The AntAngonizer
The Mechanist

17 Agatha's Song

Vault 92
Retrieving the Violin

18 Reilly's Rangers

Mission Briefing
Journey To Our Lady of Hope
Ascending the Hospital
The Statesman Hotel's Many Super Mutants
Fighting to the Rooftop
Ranger Escort Mission
Eugene or Battlearmor

19 Wasteland Survival Guide Chapter 3

Rivet City's History
RobCo Widget
Arlington Library
Survival Guru

20 Unmarked Quest

Ticking Timebomb
Jiggs' Loot (Xuanlong Assault Rifle)
High Plains Drifter (Reservist's Rifle)

21 Head of State

Temple of the Union
Ghouls and Lincoln
Side With the Slavers (Negative Karma)
Side With the Slaves (Positive Karma)

22 Stealing Independence

Button Gwinnett
Returning to Washington

23 The Nuka-Cola Challenge

The Nuka-Cola Tour
Finding Bottles
Turning in the Quantums

24 Oasis

Talking Tree
Finding the Heart
Dealing with Harold's Heart

25 The Waters of Life

Super Mutant Clean Up
Enclave Invasion
Taft Tunnels

26 Strictly Business

Quest Start
Susan Lancaster

27 Trouble on the Homefront

Return to Vault 101
New Overseer
Flooding the Vault
Nobody Leaves

28 Picking up the Trail

Little Lamplight
Back Door to Vault 87
Murder Pass

29 Rescue From Paradise

Buying Freedom
Slaver Massacre
Sneaking the Kids Out

30 Finding the Garden of Eden

Moving Through the Vault
The G.E.C.K.

31 The American Dream

Off to Meet the President
President Eden
Leaving Raven Rock
Return to the Citadel

32 Take it Back!

Liberty Prime
Final Confrontation

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