Wild Card: Change in Management - Fallout: New Vegas wiki

Locations: New Vegas Strip, The Tops, Lucky 38

Enemies: Securitron, Mr. House


Since you've decided to be selfish and take over New Vegas all by yourself, it's time to kill Mr. House, the self-proclaimed overlord of the Strip.


  1. Kill or disable Mr. House.
  2. Recover the Platinum Chip from Benny.
  3. Return to Yes Man.
  4. Meet Yes Man at the Lucky 38.
  5. Install Yes Man's A.I. in the Lucky 38's mainframe.
  6. Go to the basement of the Lucky 38.
  7. Observe upgrading of Securitrons.


  • 300 XP
  • Instant start and failing of quest The House Has Gone Bust!

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