The House Always Wins IV - Fallout: New Vegas wiki

Locations: Lucky 38, Gomorrah

Enemies: Big Sal, Nero


Mr. House wants the allegiance of the Omertas, the family that owns the casino Gomorrah. Stop their plan to attack the strip and gain their support, or just kill them.


  1. Investigate the Omertas and stop them if their plans oppose Mr. House's interests.
    -Completing the quest How Little We Know and siding with Cachino will cause Gomorrah to ally   with Mr. House; killing Big Sal and Nero apart from the quest will also fulfill Mr. House's wishes.
  2. [Optional] Inform Mr. House of the Omertas' treachery.
  3. Inform Mr. House that the Omertas have been neutralized.


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