No Gods, No Masters - Fallout: New Vegas wiki

Locations: Hoover Dam, Legate Lanius' Camp

Enemies: Varying NCR enemies, varying Legion enemies, Praetorian Guard, Legate Lanius, NCR                          Ranger Veteran, General Oliver


This is it. Time to deal with the Legion and the NCR. You can either kill Legate Lanius or convince him to surrender with a series of speech checks (level 100 speech required), and the same is true of General Oliver. Both prove very difficult adversaries, especially with their pesky minions helping them.


  1. Go to the control room in Hoover Dam and install the override chip.
  2. Activate the Eastern power plant to power the Securitron army.
  3. Exit out to the East side of the dam.
  4. Head to the Legate's Camp and deal with the Legate and Caesar's Legion.
  5. Deal with General Oliver and the NCR.
  6. Return to Yes Man with news of your victory.


  • Achievement / Trophy: No Gods, No Masters
  • Game over. Congratulations, New Vegas is yours, and yours alone.

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