Kings' Gambit - Fallout: New Vegas wiki

Locations: NCR Embassy, Hoover Dam, Camp McCarran, Freeside

Enemies: Pacer


The NCR wants the violence in Freeside to come to an end. There are several ways of going about this, but the two basic choices are to kill Pacer or negotiate a peace with the King. There are multiple ways of killing Pacer to meet the requirements. If you choose the peaceful route, do NOT do what Colonel Moore wants you to do. It will result in a gunfight between all the Kings and the NCR you bring with you, and the situation will not be resolved. As a result, you will fail the quest. If you have completed G.I. Blues and are in the King's debt, you can simply use his favor and essentially bypass this quest.


Kill Pacer in a way that implicates someone other than the NCR, or talk the King into ceasing hostilities with the NCR.

Method 1: Kill Pacer outright

  1. [Optional] Kill Pacer in a way that implicates the Van Graff family.
  2. [Optional] Kill Pacer by adding psycho to his jet.
  3. Return to Ambassador with news of Pacer's death.

Method 2: Negotiate with the King 

  1. [Optional] Speak with Colonel Hsu in Camp McCarran for further instructions regarding the situation in Freeside.
  2. Go to the Kings' School of Impersonation and offer the King official NCR support if he ceases hostilities.
  3. Stop Pacer from ruining the deal between the King and the NCR.
  4. Return to Ambassador Crocker and report that the King has accepted Colonel Hsu's pledge of NCR support.


  • 1300 XP
  • 600 caps
  • NCR fame

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