Melee Starting Build - Fallout 4

This melee build for Fallout 4 sets you up nicely with lots of strength for damage, and immediate access to the most sought after skills for finding everything in the wasteland. This build gives you two extra points, which I spent on Perception.

S - 9 - More strength, more melee damage!
P - 4 minimum - Access to Locksmith
E - 3 - Access to Lifegiver (more health!)
C - 1 - No good melee skills in this tree
I - 5 - Access to Hacking and Scraper
A - 1 - NOT a ninja build! Sneaking and ninja are great ways to boost melee damage, but not the focus of this build.
L - 3 - Access to Bloody Mess!!!!!!! Such a great skill 

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