Main Quest - Fable 2

1. Childhood

Intro Cutscene
Childhood Intro
5 Gold Pieces
5 Gold Pieces - Part 2
Castle Fairfax

2. A Hero is Born

A New Life
A New Hero
The Chamber of Fate
Thag's Head
Bowerstone Market
Hobbe Cave

3. The Hero of Strength

The Ritual
The Ritual - Part 2
The Ritual - Part 3

4. The Hero of Will

Hero of Will
The Bargain
Road to Westcliff
Road to Westcliff - Part 2
The Crucible
The Crucible - Part 2

5. The Spire

The Spire
The Spire - Part 2
The Spire - Part 3
The Spire - Part 4

6. Hero of Skill

Cullis Gate
Hero of Skill
Bloodstone Assult
Bloodstone Assult 2

7. The End

The Weapon
A Perfect World

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