Interval 01: Prison - F.E.A.R. 3

Intro Cutscene:

Breaking out of Jail Pt. 1

Breaking out of Jail Pt. 2

Escape the Burning Building:

MyNameIsRobby's picture

nice guide! Is this game worth 60 bucks?

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

If you like co-op and multiplayer, i'd say try it out. SP is a bit short though.

Chimpdigidy's picture

@rvbfreak I've only watched the first video and it's looking good. The song you guys are talking about is Cypress Hill-Insane the brain. I'm not sure if you've figures that out yet, but I thought you deserved to know. Cheers.

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

@Chimpdigidy aha yeah, it is! I forgot all about that

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