Drink Along with Dan and John - F.E.A.R. 3

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Josh Kowbel's picture

This brings back memories of the House of the Dead: Overkill guide you two made - both of you competing to screw the other out of points.

It's a shame that it's the crappy split-screen style like Killzone 3. I hate when developers don't make use of the whole screen for two players.

Mango's picture

The split screen makes me not want to play co op on this, i think i will pass on this one I'm content with Fear 1 and 2.

Charlie Walker's picture

mmmm Turkey carcass

moosebreath-man's picture

Great job guys keep up the good work by the way did you guys stop doing the crysis 2 drink along because for me there is only 2 sessions and at the end of the second session the game wasn't over .

Haters G0n Hate's picture

My god this split screen set up is terrible! It reminds me of the CoD: WaW one. What were the developers thinking?

Mr.GetBig's picture

John you better step your game up cause the ending changes depending on who the favorite son is the most at the end of the game and Dan is kicking your ass

thejjuan1's picture

guys hear of bill S. 978

ZestfulClown's picture

Why have the last 4 vids been 'uploading' for the last 6 hours?

Djponyfunk's picture

I was wondering the same thing.

jwallace14's picture

Go onto youtube and go to the wikigameguides page, part 5 is on there now.

Demon King Chace's picture

funny thing is that the rest of the vids can be seen on youtube but still uploading here lol epic

Goldteddy's picture

Gotta say the animations in the game is well made.

and playing co-op shows it even better. Showing of point man picking up the ear pierce and such things like that.

And i really hope John wins the Son thing because Fettels ending is just....Wrong in soo many ways.

P.S.....Using slow-moo Remember it!

Aquapit's picture

I totally had a Left 4 Dead vibe going on when you two were killing zombies in Walmart or whatever superstore that place was. The fact that you can see the other player through walls only made the vibe stronger.

And John's impression of Fettel's evil laugh when he possesses someone in part 5 reminded me too much of Mr. Bean.

Kind of sucks this 3rd installment of the Fear series isn't as scary or as atmosphere-heavy compared to the other two.

Great session as usual, keep it up!

Lazy's picture

Haha, I knew this was going to turn into a competition for points. Just like every co-op game.

TurMoiL911's picture

Wow, John is a complete asshole. Dan's death in Part 4 is because John was shooting him in the back the entire time.

jbrad6's picture

i guess it should be called scary duty zombie ops

Mango's picture

Why is Dans screen brighter?

groposo's picture

If john used more cover he would get so many more points.

And you can use fettel in the single player, you just have to finish an interval with point man first to get the option to switch characters.

harouki's picture

If John wants to win, he has to kill the body Dan is possessing or else Dan will get too many points

ExplicitDQ's picture

They don't realize that Dan and John can change the co-op screen settings. Funny drank dumb-ass  : )

Death ScytheX1's picture

John you can also jump kick if you don't want to slide and they're not zombies, their cultists.


Also the pistol is a really good gun if you're good at headshots

Mista.Q's picture

I didn't know John was such a sore loser.

B47713s74r's picture

There is online co-op as well as split screen. If you don't want to play co-op split screen, play co-op online.

I_heart_Colt45's picture

John, pick it up man!  You can't let Dan beat you at a first-person shooter, or you'll never hear the end of it.  At the very end, it says who won (in terms of points) and that changes the ending.  Getting kills from cover, with headshots, and while in slow motion, are excellent ways to get more points.  Also, finding bodies that let you do psychic links will get you lots of points.  Also, I hate to ask this, but what do you think of Modern Warfare 3 and Gears of War 3 (lots of threes, eh)?  Or is it too early for you to give an opinion?  And are you excited at least about the idea of Halo 4, or could you not care less?

indi's picture

Playing (competitive) coop with John is a recipe for disaster...

plasmalaser1's picture

where's session 2 guys?

bioshockftw123's picture

In podcast, drink alongs, etc. John = punching bag.

Forgetdream's picture

where is session 2?

Mango's picture

Session 2 most likely wont be for another couple weeks seeing as Dan is out of town.

ihacks4snax's picture

to end the discussion about how warm 29 degrees is in Celsius. It is 84 degrees Fahrenheit 


Also I understand not wanting to watch the cutscenes but don't skip the final one especially if Dan is favorite son

bestinthewest99's picture

Yeah go Dan with his awsome ghost hand and body possession powers haha

Paperclip_Tank's picture

Just remember incase he doesn't revive you again, you have a shotgun, he doesn't, even if he does, he won't see it coming, hopefully. Or if he blocks the bullets with his face, then your doomed.

OH and for the drinking game, for the bodies, If you steal it, the other person has to drink twice, if you share, you both have to drink.

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