Drink Along Session 2 - F.E.A.R. 3

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Pavan's picture

Lol, John is being a dick. Also the good ol' blocking the screen strategy.

Josh Kowbel's picture

That mech battle in Part 9 was unreasonably frustrating, even on Normal difficulty. Too bad John didn't use the electric grenades wisely - throwing one electric grenade at a time will stun mechs and any soldier caught in the blast radius.

thedoctor1994's picture

I think that you guys really should play amnesia. It super scary and made me jump so much.

JaksE's picture

yes... do amnesia i havent played it but just watching videos of that game scared me!!:D

mpm165's picture

Play amnesia, i played about 20 mins of the game before it scared me so much i had to quit for good.

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Solifluktion's picture


I'd even go as far as to say "repeatedly" ;)

creative5's picture

It's so funny that you can't figure out that you have to follow the light.

indi's picture

Just watching the mech-part - really funny to see you guys struggle.

You should play all games on hard difficulty.

John Tarr's picture

I bought Amnesia during the Steam Summer Sale. Drink Along incoming :)

Gear14's picture

The Simpsons Game Drink Along !!! Priceless

Aquapit's picture

I kind of had a feeling Dan would win seeing how he played during the first session. And John truly is a dick. But I'm sure everyone knew that a long time ago.

Looking forward to the next drink along!

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As you are doing amnesia on computer are you gonna record it in 1080p? i would love that, but 720p is good too.

FratasticVoyage's picture

John, you should rename your character to "No-Points Man"

FratasticVoyage's picture

John, you should rename your character to "No-Points Man"

miathan's picture

Thanks again for a fun ride, Dan and John. See ya at the nexte Drink Along.

bestinthewest99's picture

Well isn't it bad to follow the light

chillzone696's picture

DAN this is bbmcp

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