Drink Along with Dan and John - Session 4 - Duke Nukem Forever

Session 4:

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Awesome i love every second of this!!!!!!!

Pavan's picture

Man it was so funny when you thought it was glitched.

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Better question, Dan:  how do you like your areolas (the "ring" around the nipple)?

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Good job drinking beer, its funny.

Yeah Carl!

Thats not a stain its just TiT DiRT!

U guys should try to have guests on these drink alongs.

Like when ur younger and have 3 friends over and switch off playing mario.

Except ur drunk and what not.

Do work!

10/10 or something

Wikigameguides.com beats the shit outta IGN..

Ha Boss Kowbel wanna see this drink along have like 100 comments

If u know what im sayin

John i challenge u to beer pong.

Dan i challenge you to a horse race..

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Wow Krysteria, spam much? You know you can edit your previous posts right?

Anyway, I really hate user FAQ's, especially when they're wrong. It's much easier to just go watch a video walkthrough on YouTube. Also, Taco Bell is delicious. The volcano burritos are simply awesome.

Semblance's picture

Uh yeah no...

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You do realize the co-op in FEAR 3 is the exact same style as Killzone 3, right?  No?



Guess you're not playing that.  So, how about any other games?  Also, you guys are working on the comment system so it doesn't load the entire page when you submit a comment, right?

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for the record, John DID say "92 

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Amazing how you guys spent pretty much 3 full videos (not to mention how much John spent trying to kill the boss while Dan was away) on that Octoking boss.

Can't wait for you two finish the game, and looking forward to Fear 3.


Lazy's picture

Talking about Taco Bell made me hungry. Too bad we don't have it in Holland.

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The characters in Bulletstorm were funny in that they knew that they were stupid and ridiculous, and they embraced it, like some good stand up comedians.  Duke's humor is sad in the fact that Duke really thinks that he is the best thing to come to the world, when really everybody is tired and kinda annoyed by him.  Heck, it wouldn't surprise me if the end of the game showed Duke in a studio apartment, 50 pounds overweight, making up this entire story for his massive ego.

If I piss anybody off with this, than I am genuinely sorry.

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Part 4 - Phone conversations are a nice addition. John, you should definitely consider doing a triathlon, they are a lot of fun. Think seriously before tackling an Ironman (or even a half), the training requires a serious time commitment. Getting up at 5am to squeeze in a 20 mile run before work sucks!

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So extremely funny to watch but at the same time so frustrating when you guys get stuck and it's obvious what you have to do xD

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Uhh Dan, I'm pretty sure a 62 is a D- 


P.S. If you guys could not only develop a method to quickly post comments that would be great, though instead of just doing that, you should develop a different method to make magic genies that produce burritos on command. 

That would be great.

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That last video was terrible they didnt get that they have to kill it twice

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What also sucks about the Octopussy boss battle that the guys were trouble with. Is the little dudes throw rockets back at you. The Game has a love hate fell to it.

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my dad is 63 and im only 16 =)

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Jesus that was the stupidest boss.  I would have quit it.

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