Drink Along with Dan and John - Session 2 - Duke Nukem Forever

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Celsius to Kelvin is 273. 15

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The port-a-potties say POOP CHUTE.

The old sound files are called MIDI files.

That white lump you see in your can of beans is...

The Queen Bean! And all the other beans are the worker beans that serve her!

This has been "Ask Dr. Stupid"

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Advice: Just skip to Part 8.

I prefer Dan to play instead of John. John takes forever to get to the objective but he does entertain when he is screwing around.

Josh Kowbel's picture

You guys missed all the silicon-based lifeforms (wall boobs) in the alien hive level.

Also, the shotgun reload noise is the same exact reload sound from Half-Life 2, only slower.

John is hard to watch play when inspecting every insignificant detail, but Dan burns through segments too fast sometimes, often missing features like in the strip club. It's difficult to watch you both play when you guys have no idea where to go but only because I've beaten this game already.

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"Take a drink when you're bored."

Otherwise known as life's drinking game.

ZestfulClown's picture

When Jenkins dies, someone yells "LEROY!"

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Oh my god i understand why you don't pay attention to the dialogue but you're missing SO MANY AWESOME REFERENCES!

Ex: In part 2 duke says "Power armor's for pussies" and there's armor in the truck.(Halo reference)

Also the jenkins guy is LEEROY JENKINS! He rushes in and dies and duke says "Godamnit Leroy"

The Dylan guy in the same part: "I just got back from helping my friend find his wife. Christ, what a fucking pussy." (that's a reference to Dom in Gears of War 2)


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i Would Prefer Dan to play because of the fact of Jon looking at every detail in the room but dan goes fast and thats how i like it!!! that may be just me but i like it fast (thats what she said)

ZestfulClown's picture

shelooked, im pretty sure the reference to power armor is for half life instead of halo

conboydude's picture

But the armor is Master Chiefs armor if yyou look at it ZestfulClown

Dogbond's picture

I love how you were complaining about it being too dark in part 10, while completely forgetting about Duke vision!

As for who I would like to play, it doesn't really bother me, the taking turns thing works as I like both the different play styles of you two, but I would say I like John's "look at everything in detail" to Dan's "burn though it".

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Please tell me that there's gonna be a co-op drink along to f3ar.

indi's picture

How about next time John plays the bosses / hard parts and Dan the rest?

IHateVehicleSectionsInFPS's picture

I'd vote for John over Dan primarily cause his slow plodding actually finds some humorous nuggets that Dan would just pass by... and he can actually aim.

Just trolling, lol.

But in truth it is pretty entertaining to hear Dan get pissy when John is wandering around or randomly jumping off cliffs.

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"Grabbing a turd in the toilet will not take Ego away even though we really wanted it to"

At least the loading screen tries to makes up it's atrociously long loading by inserting juvenile humor.

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The best part of these Drink Alongs is seeing how you guys get progressively drunker then proceed to fuck up even the simplest tasks near the end of each session. I haven't laughed this hard in awhile.

Awesome job guys, keep it up.

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I prefer watching John, without him, I would never have discovered Heinous Anus baked beans! Part 11 was hilarious, one the funniest drink along segment yet I think

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Really? This long and no one said for Part 5: "Their Balls finally dropped?"

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Don't believe reviews about Sucker Punch being bad. It's just weird, maybe even Bayonetta-level crazy. But it has some awesome scenes, great visuals and soundtrack. At least watch the first 40 minutes. And movie reviewers just go "WTF?!" and can't express what is good about it in well-formed sentences, so they just give up and say it's bad.

JoesShittyOs's picture

I love the pure terror in your guys voices when you thought you were being jipped out of titties

Jon Snow's picture

new addition to the drinking game: you have to drink for the entire time Duke is climbing ladders. From the bottom of the ladder to the top.

good luck

LenZeppel1n's picture

I'm sorry, but Sucker Punch is bad.  It's fun to watch, because it has fight scenes and hot chicks, but from a movie standpoint, with story and atmosphere and themes, it sucks.

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Part 8 got taken down :/

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John always hits the wrong button when he needs to read something priceless.

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