Drink Along with Dan and John - Duke Nukem Forever

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"Hail to the King, baby!"

I always knew beer makes you stronger. Damn adults lied to me growing up.

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I have been looking forward so much to see what these to think of this game. Did not expect Youtube clips, though.

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Sup guys, DOSbox, that is all. No but seriously, if you want to play some old Duke; DOSbox. Google that shit

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69 Ammo for the devastator, hahah.

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Ok, the game is shit, but it's the most entertaining Drink Along yet. :)

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you guys should get it on pc. it's a little better. the loading screens are better, textures, graphics, etc. not that you guys don't know that but it's like 100000000% better.

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Holsom Twins

Album: Full House

Director: Bobby S.


Get the reference? Bob Saget? Full House? Mary Kate and Ashley Olson? Yeah..

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even the PS3 version has a better framerate than that

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Loving the new Drink along, loving it even more now I can watch the videos thanks to you using Youtube again, the embedded player you were using before would just never work right for me.

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I like one of the tips during the long loading screens.

"Take less damage to avoid being killed"

Not as much of a pro tip as "Don't die", but a great tip nonetheless.

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I'm watching these fresh off a Stanley Cup victory party, so these should be good. Love yall :)

Go Bruins! :)

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So, are you guys going to rant the whole time?

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The Witcher 2 has a nice amount of tits :)

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'Amazing chair spinning technology!' 


Should be a bullet point on the boxart.

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I'll say this: after that painfully boring Drink Along of Armageddon, I'm ready for anything.

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Haha BTW in Part 2 the guy you punched was a reference to Christian Bale's explosion while filming Terminator Salvation, you shoulda listened to what he was saying.

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In part three of your series you speak about LA Noire being boring. I understand where the negativity is coming from for Noire but I would like to know your opinion on what can be change to Noire to make it better without making it into another GTA clone.

In relating to video series I am commenting on, so many people hate what Duke Nukem brings to the table and its sad to see the opportunity to bring a great character like Duke Nukem in this generation in being squandered on mindless game play mix with a feeble attempt at puzzles. It is like putting makeup on an old lady.

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The right game at the wrong time.

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This would be a lot funnier if I wasn't so tired from work. Oh well.

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It strikes me that LA Noire is to Duke Nukem as the movie Black Swan is to the movie Sucker Punch.  Both LA Noire and Black Swan are well composed, well thought out, and of a higher quality, although they can also be seen as boring.  Duke and Sucker Punch are poorly constructed, they have miserable narratives, but you want to play them for tits and explosions.


I realize that my grammar probably sucks, but I think you get my drift.

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jumping the shark originated from the show happy days. fonzi jumped everything he could on his motorcycle like trash cans and cars. they ran out of shit for him to jump. so they put waterskis on him, and had him jump a shark.

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What are the rules 

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About that think I said about Red Faction: I take it back.  I think I'll just cringe if I watch more of this game.

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Worst game ever! (Probably not, but close at least) - I deleted the torrent after watching this.

Makes for a funny walkthrough though.

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my new catach phrase I'VE GOT BALLS OF FAIL.

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After watching through part 3.....This game absolutely fucking blows. But....in my opinion, this is so far the best drink along yet (for the viewers that is) because of how horrible this shitty, shitty game is.

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even if i totally agree 120%, it was great listening to you guys complain about the game throughout the whole drink along...

i gotta wonder though...do ya think the creators meant to make the game as shitty as it is?...to keep the first game life alive? idk just a thought

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