Damn I'm Good (Insane) Walkthrough - Gunslinger Achievement - With All Ego & Collectibles - Duke Nukem Forever

This is my Walkrthrough of Duke Nukem Forever for the Xbox 360, as far as i am aware this game has been getting poorly received. But i do give a review on my thoughts of the game throughout some of the videos, i don't think its necessarily a bad game but not a good game either. I made the walkthrough because i thought the game was fun, the online is a piece of crap but the single player is fun and worth a rent if you're bored.  I also understand that the 360 version is probably the worst version, unfortunately i made the walkthrough on the 360 so there will be screen tearing and other bugs.  

Okay, so the walkthrough helps you beat the "Damn I'm Good" difficulty which is essentially insane difficulty, i also show how to get the Gunslinger achievement, which is to carry dukes golden pistol throughout the entire campaign without dropping it. This does make sections harder in the game, especially boss fights where you are supposed to use the two guns given to beat the boss faster, so i came up with a strategy of getting past all of the boss battles with only the pistol. I also pick up all Ego items in the game, giving you 100% ego by the end of the game. Ego is like health upgrades so it is essential to get all of these on the harder difficulties. You also get a achievement for that called "I am All That Is Man". I also show where all three bucket heads are for the Bucket Head achievement, these are like little Easter eggs in the game and i will make a key indicating where each one of these are as well as the ego points. I also pick up all collectibles which are, the phones, which you get the achievement "Call Waiting", Calendar, this is the location of the calender in the campaign, if you flick through all the pages then you get an achievement called "I Need A Date". I also show how to get numerous
achievements including,"Turd Burglar", "Air-Duke", "Party Animal", "Downtown Barrel Beatdown", "Pescaphobe", " Sunday, Black Sunday" and the "Companion Barrel". 

key :
Ego - E 
Phones - P
Calender - C
Bucket Head - BH
Achievement - A 

Any achievements on certain levels I will include in the title of the video.  

Gameplay: Diksickle
Voiceovers: Diksickle & RvBfreak 

**Special thanks to RvBfreak for helping me with the voiceovers**

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So where are the videos?

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Blip has changed there embed code, so it does not work on the sit just yet, but fingers crossed it should work in the next week.

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OK It's been a week. lol. So what's going on?

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Am gona be honest, they still havn't sorted the blip embed, when i do have it all ready i am going to make a blog in which you can just click the URL and it will take you to the videos, ok. Am sorry if you were waiting for this guides, it is a big inconvience at the moment so hopefully you can wait.

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