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This achievement is tricky, and mostly requires luck, but i am going to list a few tips which helped me get the achievement. And also if i am to be completely honest this is the hardest achievement to get in the game. The reason behind me making this page is because at first it can be confusing to know how to get combos and which parts of the pinball machine give you the most points. The Tips:

  • HOW TO BUILD COMBOS: The three lights at the top of the machine turn on when a ball passes through any one of the three circles. The light turns on when the ball is passed through, you can press LT & RT/ L2 & R2 to change which lane the lane of the light which is turned on at the time. For example if the ball passes through the left lane and the light turns on, then if you press LT/L2, then the red light will transfer to the right side of the lane. And that also works when two lights are on, so if left lanes light is turned on and so is the middle, then if you press LT/R2, then the left lanes light moves to the right lane, and the middle lanes light moves to the left lane. The reason this can be helpful is because you can change the orientation of a ball using tilt, this allows to give the ball a slight push in the direction you want, the tilt can be used by using the left stick. By changing the orientation and changing the lines of the red lights this means you could get three lights fairly easily if you play your cards right and have some luck. If you turn on all three red lights then you will receiver X2 multiplier, once you get this it will glow in the middle of the pinball machine to indicate that you have actually gained it. Once this happens the lights are reset and if you do the same a second time then its a X4 multiplier, and if done three times then its a X6 multiplier. This is the highest multiplier and generally should aim to achieve this to gain the achievement as you rank up points like crazy. 
  • BE AWARE: Although the left stick may be helpful at times but it can also screw you over. If the tilt is used more than 3 times in 5 seconds then it will show a title saying, "TILT", this means that you cannot use the flippers, this leaves you basically vulnerable and is a waste of a ball, since you are only given three balls. So basically don't get too greedy with the tilt, and also count how many times you use it in succession so you know before you screw yourself. 
  • PRO-TIP: Keep the ball generally on the left side of the machine i find it much easier to stop the ball on the left because you only have to hit three blue lights and not four on the right. This means that a stopper will be placed on the bottom left of the machine next to the flippers. However this wont last very long, 15 seconds at the most. Also be aware that it will be easier on the left because the jackpot lane is just up from another bumper, which is also a multiplier. So it is a pay-off to keep the ball on this side of the machine, I believe the bumper gains more points through how many times you hit the three blue lights on the left, this is the same for the right hand side with the four blue lights. It will not be easy to keep the ball on the left side of the machine but it definitely pays-off for example, you may accidentally hit the jackpot on the left and that means big cash, so aim for that if possible. 
  • HOW DID I GET THE ACHIEVEMENT: Well, i am going to be honest i got really lucky, i managed to rack up to a X4 multiplier on my last ball. I then tried to get the third light for the X6 and got it, the ball was then headed for the gutter at the bottom of the machine. Since i did not get the three blue lights on the left or the four blue lights on the right, this meant i was going to fail immensely. I quickly hit the Tilt and launched the ball to the bumpers in the middle which then sent it accidentally flying into the jackpot lane at the top left of the machine. Since i had already racked up 500,000 points, it practically doubled it, especially with my X6 multiplier.  This flew me up to 1,000,000 in an instant. Obviously there were other numbers after both of these examples i just cant remember what they were. Anyway i got the achievement and jizzed in my pants, i don't think i will ever look at a pinball machine in the same way ever again. 

I have embedded someone else's video below which might also help if this did not, I do hope it helped and yeah it was one of the most frustrating achievements i have ever attempted, and received. 

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