Nightmare Difficulty Video Walkthrough - Dragon Age: Origins

RL = Recommended Level


Character Creation
First Level Up
Ostagar - Duncan's Camp
Korcari Wilds - Getting Darkspawn Blood
Korcari Wilds - Grey Warden's Cache



Tower Of Ishal

To The Tower
First Floor
Second Floor
Third Floor
Ogre Boss Fight
Flemeth's Hut & To Lothering


Settling In
Freeing Sten
Bandits, Bandits, Everywhere! & Collecting Poison
When Bears Attack (RL6)
A Last Keepsake (RL6)
Leaving Lothering
Party Camp - Enchanting
To The Mage Tower (RL6)

The Broken Circle Part 1

Finding Wynne (RL6)
The Broken CIrcle - First Floor (RL6)
Second Floor (RL6)
Third Floor (RL6)
Fourth Floor (RL6-7)
The Fade (RL6-7)
Becoming A Mouse (RL7)
Becoming A Spirit (RL7)
Becoming A Burning Man (RL7)
Becoming A Golem (RL7)

The Broken Circle Part 2

Mage Asunder Boss (RL7)
Templars Nightmare Boss (RL7)
Darkspawn Invasion Boss (RL7)
Burning Tower Boss (RL7)
Raw Fade Boss (RL7)
Saving Our Party (RL7)
The Broken CIrcle - Sloth Demon Boss (RL7)
Clearing The Tower (RL7)
Uldred Boss Fight (RL8)

A Village Under Siege

Preparing For Nightfall (RL8)
Nighttime Battle (RL8)
Secret Entrance (RL8)

The Arl Of Redcliffe

Redcliffe Castle - Basement (RL8)
Redcliffe Castle - Main Floor (RL8-9)

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