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Miasmic Flask

The rogue lobs an explosive flask into a group of enemies, briefly stunning them.

Stun chance: 100% vs. normal enemies

Range: 5m sphere
Activation: 15
Duration: 4s
Cooldown: 20s

     Improved Formula


     Miasmic Flasks are now available more frequently, and the stun effect lasts longer. 

     Duration: +2s
     Cooldown: -5s
     Requires: Level 3


The rogue rushes forward, attempting to knock down the target and all nearby enemies.

Range: Personal
Activation: 15
Cooldown: 15s
Requires: Level 3 



     The rogue covers more ground with Rush, knocking enemies down along the path.

     Increased range
     Requires: Level 7



     The rogue bowls enemies over with a Rush attack that now inflicts damage.

     Upgrades Rush
     Physical damage: 28

Fatigue Fog

The rogue envelops enemies in a defense fog that slows them to a near crawl. 

Activation: 20
Duration: 10s
Cooldown: 20s

     Impenetrable Fog


     Fatiguing Fog now lingers in the air and veils allies from enemy attacks. 

     Obscure chance: 100% for all party members

     Overpowering Fog


     Fatiguing Fog becomes so oppressive that it leaves most enemies DISORIENTED, reducing their 
     defenses and make them vulnerable to follow-up attacks from a warrior or mage.

     Disorient chance: 100% vs. normal enemies


The rogue tricks nearby enemies, causing some to fight among themselves for a short time.

Confusion chance: 50% vs. normal enemies

Range: 4m
Activation: 30
Duration: 10s
Cooldown: 30s 



     Confusion persists longer, and enemies who were attacking each other now leave their defenses 
     open as well.

     Disorient chance: 100% vs. normal enemies
     Duration: +10s


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