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Rogues are fighters adept at focusing on a single opponent, and quickly dispatching it using lots of critical hits.  Rogues come in two main variaties: archers, and CQC.  CQC use dual daggers to unleash a flurry of attack upon a target, inflicting multiple critical hits.  Archers stay outside of the main battle, firing with deadly accuracy, inflicting major damage.  Rogues are also the only class able to remove traps and locks.

The two most important attributes to a rogue are dexterity and cunning.  Dexterity increases the strength of each attack, especially critical hits.  Cunning increases the likelihood of each critical, as well as makes the rogue more capable of disarming traps and picking locks.  Every 10 points, the ability to pick locks increases, so at 30 they can pick the highest level (Master) of locks.


Valuing swift movement speed, Rogue's are most efficent when wielding daggers. A Rogue Hawke's default weapon are dual wielded Fereldan Daggers



  • Assassin
  • Duelist
  • Shadow

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