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At the height of the Tevinter Imperium's slave trade, Kirkwall's elite prospered beyond dreams of avarice. Hightown was built for the wealthiest slavers, its glitzy mansions rising atop a great wall of rock that borders, on one side, the Waking Sea. Lowtown cowered on its other side until Kirkwall’s slaves rose to plunder and destroy Hightown’s riches

Today, Hightown’s prominent buildings are the Keep, home to the ruling viscount, and the chantry, home to the grand cleric and the city’s religious center. Both are converted estates that once housed wealthy magisters, rebuilt and converted after the uprising.

The highest part of Kirkwall, High Town was built on top of the old city. Contrasting the poverty striken, crime filled Darktown and Lowtown, High Town is home for the elite of Kirkwall. Here you'll fine the finest merchants, many expensive mansions, the Chantry, and the Viscount's Keep.

Areas of Interest


  • Hawke's Estate
  • The Chantry
  • The Blooming Rose
  • Fenris' Mansion
  • The Blooming Rose


  • Olaf's Armory
  • Hubert's Fine Goods
  • Robes by Jean Luc

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