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Hawke is the main character of Dragon Age 2, and during the course of the game, becomes the 'Champion of Kirkwall".

If Female, default name is Marian.  If male, it is Garrett.


Hawke was born to an apostate mage named Malcolm, and his wife, Leandra.  He grew up in Lothering, in ferelden, with his family.  Hawke had two siblings, twins, Bethany and Carver.  Bethany, an apostate like her father, was much closer to Hawke than her brother.  Hawke's father died three years before the events of the game.

During the most recent Blight, Lothering was attacked after the Battle at Ostagar, and destroyed.  Able to escape the initial onslaught, hawke led the family out of Lothering...

Events of Dragon Age 2


Shortly after leaving Lothering, Hawke's family decided Kirkwall was the ebst option, as they had family there.  While en route to leave the city, Hawke and his family ran into Aveline Vallen, and her templar husband.  A short while later, one of his siblings was killed while fighting an Ogre (Carver if the player is a Rogue or Warrior, Bethany is he/she is a mage).

Heavily outnumbered, the party was saved when Flemeth, the notorious witch of the wilds, saved them all from the darkspawn horde.  However, Aveline's husband was infected with the blight, and needed to be killed.  Striking a deal with Hawke to deliver an amulet to the elves outside Kirkwall, Flemeth guided the party to a safe port, where they set out for the city.

Once arriving in the city, the group was turned away.  Hawke and his sibling were forced to work for a year to gain entrence into the city.  Depending on the player's choice, Hawke either worked for mercenaries or smugglers.


Shortly after completing their job and gaining entrence into the city, Hawke and his companions attemted to join into an expedition into the Deep Roads, led by a dwarf named Bertram Tethras.  Turned away due to a shortage of funding, Hawke left, dejected.  Shortly thereafter, he was robbed by a young thief, who was in turn stopped by another dwarf, who returned Hawke's coin purse.  The dwarf revealed himself to be Bertram's brother, Varric.  Having overheard the conversation between hawke and his brother, Varric offered that if Hawke could raise 50 soveriegns, he could fund the expedition as a partner, and receive equal share.

For the next several months, Hawke worked tirelessly to raise the money for the expedition.  He did jobs for various locals and lords, making a number of both friends and enemies along the way.  Among those he worked for was Aveline, who was now a member of the city guard.  Hawke actions would eventually aid Aveline in reaching a higher position within the guard, becoming Captain when the incumbent was deemed ineffective.

As part of his job in funding the mission, hawke was also charged with securing maps to find suitable entry into the Deep Roads.  He enlisted the aid of Anders, a former-Grey Warden, apostate healer who had extensive knowledge of the Deep Roads after venturing there with the Hero of Ferelden (Awakenings).  After helping Anders sae his friend (they were actually too late and had to kill him), Anders handed overr the maps, and joined the party as a healer.

It was also during this time that Hawke completed his promise to Flemeth, bringing her amulet to the Dalish elves on Sundermount (a large mountain outside of Kirkwall).  With the aid of Merril, a member of the clan, Hawke brought the amulet to the top of the cliff, where it was revealed to contain a portion of Flemeth's essence, so she could continue to live after her 'death' in Dragon Age: Origins.  Merril, revealed to be a blood mage, joined the party after the mission.

Further jobs led to Hawke meeting (and gaining the aid of) Isabella, a voluptuous sea captain and  powerful rogue, and Fenris, a city-elf specializing in two-handed weapons.  Hawke also was introduced to the Qunari Arishok during this time, beginning a strained relationship which would boil over the next several years.

On the homefront, tensions rose as Hawke's Uncle Gamlen was revealed to have taken the family estate which was meant for his sister (Hawke's mother) before losing it gambling, which was the reason for their living in lowtown.  With his sibling, Hakwe infiltrated his family estate, killed the smuggler's held up in there, and acquired the will, proving his mother had true right to the estate.

Once the money was acquired, Hawke reported to Berthand, and they set off.  Deep within the deep roads, Hawke was forced to find a side route after the main path was blocked.  Later, the party discovered an idol made of pure lyrium, and after Bertrand got hold of it, he locked the remaining explorers inside the rooms the idol was originally in.  Forced to go around, the party killed a rock-waith, as well as many other demons and darkspawn, before merging.  Along the way, they discovered an enormous horde of treasure, making them rich.

NOTE---If hawke's sibling is with the party in the deep roads, they will become infected with the Blight.  In Anders is present, he will reveal the Grey Wardens to be nearby, and they will tkae the sibling to join their ranks.  This causes the sibling to leave the party, and harbor resentment over being 'trapped' as a warden.  If Anders is note present, the sibling simply dies.

If the sibling is left at home, as Hawke's mother requests before leaving, they will not be present when he returns.  Bethany will have been captured and forced to join the Circle, Carver willingly gone to join the Templars.  Either way, or if the sibling becomes a Grey Warden, they can rejoin Hawke's party enar the game's end.


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