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Gifts are items that can be given to a specific companion. These gifts are found throughout the game, although there are not as many of them as in Origins. Furthermore, these gifts will initiate a conversation between you and a companion, than you will either gain Rivalry or Friendship depending on which is higher. 



  • Tevinter Chantry Amulet- At the Abandoned Slaver Den during "A Bitter Pill" quest. (Act 2)



  • The Shield of the Night Herself- In a crate in Ser Varnell's Refuge during the "Offered and Lost" quest. (Act 2)



  • Tobrius's Documents/Portrait of your Mother- In a chest in the Amell Cellar during the "Birthright" quest. (Act 1)



  • The Book of Shartan- In a sack at the Elven Alienage in Lowtown at night. (Act 2)
  • Blade of Mercy- A Warehouse during the "Best Served Cold" quest. (Act 3)



  • Bottled Ship- In Smuggler's Cut Cave during the "Blackpowder Courtesy" quest. (Act 2)
  • Rivaini Talisman- In the Disused Passage in the Docks at night. The entrance is next at the Harbormaster's Office adjacent to the Quanri Compound. (Act 3)



  • Wooden Halla Statuette- Sold at Master Illen's shop in Sundermount. (Act 2)
  • Sylvanwood Ring- Dropped by the Theif Leader during the "A New Path" quest. (Act 3)



  • Tethras Signet Ring- Sold at the Trinkets Emporium in Lowtown. (Act 2)



  • The Starkhaven Longbow- On a Flint Mercenary during the "Repentance" quest in the Harriem Estate. (Act 2)

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