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Strong and strapping, Carver is a skilled warrior set on proving himself, although it's not always clear who he is trying to impress. The son and sibling of mages, he gew up surronded by magic he couldn't truly understand-and feels like something was expected that he could never deliver. He cares deeply for his family, but sometimes feel like the stupidest person in the room.

Carver foundered in Lothering. He blamed his lack of  direction on not wanting to draw attention to his family of apostates at home. After his father died, he started down a military path, however, the Blight and rout at Ostager ended this career almost before it could start. While he knows that swift flight was the only reasonable course in the face of the dawkspawn advance, he almost would rather have stood and fought. Doomed through the effeort was, facing the horde had purpose-something Carver has been searching for.

Carver is the sibling of Hawke in Dragon Age 2.

Act I

Escaping along with his family, Carver is a default companion in Hawke's party. 

If Hawke is a Warrior or Rogue, Carver will be scripted to a Ogre, leaving Bethany as the surviing sibling. However, if Hawke is a mage, Carver will survive and Bethany will die from the Ogre.

After Hawke has paid for the Deep Roads Expedition, the player must choose whether to bring Carver along with them to the expedition, or leave Carver at home. If he's left at home, Carver will join the Templars and permanently leave the party, while if he's brought along to the expedition, Carver will contract the Taint. Hawke will then have to either choose to let Carver die, or allow him to become a Grey Warden which will also make him leave from the party. He will not make an appearance until much later in the game.

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