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  • Robes of the Overseer
  • Aequritarian Robes
  • Cumberland Circle Robes


  • Hood of the Champion
  • Superior Headware
  • Imperial Bloodhelm
  • Blood Dragon Helmet
  • Helm of Appreciation
  • Mask of Imperium


  • Cirass of the Centurion
  • Guard-Captain's Ranked Plate
  • Grafted Spirit Hide
  • Mercenary's Layed Tunic
  • Rough Leather Armor
  • Blood Dragon Armor
  • Ancient Leather Cuirass


  • Glvoes of the Champion
  • Hands of Glory
  • Gloves of the Overseer
  • Last Descent Gauntlets
  • Blood Dragon Gauntlets
  • Grloves of the Unkowable Unknown


  • Boots of the Champion
  • Boots of the Overseer
  • Blood Dragon Greaves

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