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Archers specialize in picking off distant targets and suppressing enemy ranks. This talent tree is required for characters to equip bows.

Pinning Shot

Archer fires a shot that immobalizes target for a short time.

Upgrade-Rapid Pinning Shot (Reduces cooldown)

Upgrade-Disorienting Shot (2x physical damage)

Bursting Arrow

Arrow explodes on impact, causing area damage.

Upgrade-Shattering Arrow (Reduces cooldown, 600% fire damage)

Upgrade-Smoking Arrow (generates cloud of smoke, obscuring enemy view)

Hail of Arrows

Archer fires entire quiver at once, raining arrows for a short duration.

Upgrade-Storm of Arrows (greater area of impact and slows enemies down)

Archer's Lance

Arrow is so powerful it hits every enemy in a straight line.

Upgrade-Punishing Lance (kills weaker opponents outright)

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