Exorcist Achievement - Dragon Age II

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This acheivment is rewarded upon completion of the "Forbidden Knowledge" quest. To do this quest you must destroy all five of the Evil Tomes. Their locations are:

  • On the second floor of the Chantry.
  • In the throne room of the Viscount's Keep.
  • A "cave" at the Bone Pit.
  • At "the dank cave" in the middle of the Wounded Cost.
  • At the "recently opened passage" in Sundermount. It is past the Dalish camp but not up the mountain.


Once all of these tomes have been destroyed, you are promted to go to a place in Darktown. (Make sure you have a rogue to unlock a door in there) Once there, you will find a Grimoire. I recommend reading it and taking the deal so that you gain 2 attribute points for no penalty.

After you interact with the grimoire, a difficult battle against Xebenkeck will ensue. Killing her and all her adds will grant you this acheivment.

Note: Taking Merril with you while destroying the tomes will give you 10 rivalry per tome, so  if you are trying to be friendly to or romance her, do not bring her along. 

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