Rogue Dual Wield (& Cole) Starting Build - Dragon Age: Inquisition

Starting build guide for Dual Wield Rogue (or the companion Cole) in Dragon Age Inquisition! This two handed warrior build focuses on dealing massive poison damage, and using critical damage boosts.
Starting skills: Stealth & Twin Fangs
1st Skill Point - Poisoned Weapons
2nd Skill Point - Infected Wounds
3rd Skill Point - Fighting Dirty
4th Skill Point - Flank Attack
5th Skill Point - Bloodied Prey
6th Skill Point - Unforgiving Chain
7th Skill Point - Spinning Blades
8th Skill Point - Neverending Spin

If you are struggeling to survive as a dual wield rogue on harder difficulties, get the Evade skill in the Subterfuge tree.

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