Safe Combinations - Dishonored wiki

Mission 01 - Dishonored

In the Sewers - 451

Mission 02 - High Overseer Campbell

In the Kennels - 217

Dr. Galvani's House - 287

Backyard in Barracks - 203

Mission 03 - House of Pleasure

Artist's House - 879

Mission 04 - The Royal Physician

Pratchett's House - 473

Safe behind painting - 294

Mission 06 - Return to the Tower

Lord Regent's Room - 935

Mission 07 - The Flooded District

Sewer Safe - 528

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just a heads up for what ever reason on mission 3 in the artist's house that safe can actually have a few different safe combinations, so 879 doesn't always work.

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Mission 07 - The Flooded District

Daud's Base, Central Rudshore - underwater room (swim into the passageway on left just after start, dive under the barred window on the right): 428

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