Stealth Playthrough - Dishonored

This is a stealth playthrough on normal difficulty with cutscenes and no voiceover or commentary. I will be doing a Very Hard Difficulty Stealth Walkthrough No Detection No Kills after finishing this.

Mission 01 - Dishonored

Hound Pits Pub

Mission 02 - High Overseer Campbell

Meet with the Loyalists

Mission 03 - House of Pleasure

Mission 04 - The Royal Physician

Bribe Sokolov

Mission 05 - Lady Boyle's Last Party

Mission 06 - Return to the Tower

Mission 07 - The Flooded District

Mission 08 - The Loyalists

Mission 09 - The Light at the End

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Love the videos cannot wait to play this game

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Don't tell John - but I usually prefer your guides, this should be very helpful when I get around to playing this game. Thanks a bunch.

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