100% Stealth No Kills Walkthrough (Clean Hands & Ghost Achievements) - Dishonored

Mission 01 - Dishonored

Mission 02 - High Overseer Campbell

Mission 03 - The Golden Cat

Mission 04 - The Royal Physician

Mission 05 - Lady Boyle's Last Party

Mission 06 - Return to the Tower

Mission 07 - The Flooded District

Mission 08 - The Loyalists

Mission 09 - The Light at the End

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I personally would have wished for a more completionist-like walkthrough with all the runes/bonecharms.

Also it would be nice if you could talk a little more about the branches in the story. For example I poisoned the thing in the distillery for granny rags and could not work with slackjaw afterwards because the evidence from the doctors apartment was pointing towards me. Which means I had to kill the pendeltons.

Nice to see you guys taking the time to do a full commentary though!

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there are achievements in Portal 2 for making stupid decisions like when Glados asked you to go into that room when you were trying to escape.

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madden had an achievement for throwing the ball away on 4th down...thats pretty stupid 

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Darkest of Days gives you an achievement for drowning yourself, which you can only do in one or two places in the game and you have to go prone in a pond for like 30 seconds to do it.

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Wheatley's "jump in the hole when he tells you to" achievement from Portal 2 comes to mind as well.

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if you pick up two bone charms that do the same thing instead of equipping two separate ones you get a more powerful version. for example if you pick up two unnerves then you get unnerve 2 instead, also you can poison the distillery and work with slack-jaw.

oh and poisoning the distillery does not ruin a no kill run.

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Can confirm that the Granny Rags and Slackjaw face off only occurs if you do Granny Rags side missions.

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The last weeper before you grab your stuff is the high overseer that you brand in the second mission

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Double post sry

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This contains spoilers for Dishonored's ending. It seems like Dan just watched the bad ending on Youtube because having high chaos doesn't just change the final cutscene. Having high chaos affects some of the levels of the game with the biggest change being in the last level. With low chaos, it's a bright sunny day and Samuel talks about how great it is that you didn't kill anyone when it you could have. With high chaos, it's raining and Samuel berates you for killing a lot of people. After he has finished talking, he will fire a shot to make all the guards in the nearby area become aware of your presence. The high chaos makes all of the loyalists turn on each other with Martin trying to kill Pendleton, instead of Havelock killing them like he does in the low chaos version. Havelock also goes completely insane in the high chaos ending as opposed to the low chaos ending where he is just depressed. It's also possible for Emily to not die in the high chaos ending if you sneak up on Havelock. 

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I have more or less been following the walkthrough and the guy at in the sewers in the flooded district level wasn't there for me either. Maybe because we never met granny rags at all we skipped all of her missions.

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For the 2nd video of the golden Cat episode. You were asking if there were any games that reward you for doing something dumb. In the first Portal GlaDos tells you to go over into this test chamber, when you are trying to escape, if you go over, she locks you in there, and releases gas that kills you, and gives you an achievement for it.

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Thanks Dan for putting out another entertaining guide! I really enjoyed this game, and am glad that both you and John were available to voice it over together. Cheers!

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I think every guide I've followed from all of you who work on this site has been extremely helpful. I know a lot of people live to bitch about everything but your guides are funny and helpful. so thanks.
And the hardest game ever was world at war on veteran,i followed Johns guide but that game was ridiculous.

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22:40 of Mission 7: Yes, that skips for everyone who follows your guide. It only shows up if you go into the Granny Rags/Slackjaw missions in favor of one or the other, by skipping them like you did, the confrontation never takes place. It's recommended you do it that way because taking out Granny without being spotted or killing her is ridiculously hard.

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