Sarif Manufacturing - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Choose Non-Lethal, then Distance Weapon to get a Tranq Rifle.

During the negotiations with Zeke, first choose "Try to Save Josie", then choose Empathize for every choice after that.

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If your bad at hacking or don't understand it all that well at the beginning the code to disarm the bomb is 1505.

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 I know your speeding through it but you completely missed the first praxis kit after you get off the elevator, be aware that while you may not want to go out of your way there are praxis kits in both sewers (detroit, hengsha, both breakable walls) a building in detroit with a level 5 door code that you find on a dead body behind the police station (if you dont have the jump aug to get over the fence, shoot down the door) side missions ( shanghai justice, and talion A.D) and in desks during the beginning of "picus" and in one of offices in the science lab  during "tai young medical". So far I've gotten near 45 praxis points via leveling and finding/buying kits. I have near everything maxed

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Just a general question, how is the framerate for the 360? Especially as you're doing a stealth based walkthrough like I intend to do

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if you fuck around in sarif industries for more than fifteen minutes before the first real mission the hostages will already be dead when you get their.

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