Bar Tab Achievement - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Achievement Value: 
  • After Speaking to Tong (Use pinpoint every time to win. If this isn't true just edit it out.) speak to the actual bartender.
  • He will tell you that somebody purchased neural enhancements and needs to pay up.
  • When you accept his quest you will first be told to disable three relays. This is very simple but requires a hacking level of 2.
  • After that is done you will be told to enter the hotel building that is currently under lockdown, (The same one you entered to access the hacker's computer.) and find her. You can and should access the hotel from the roof where you will currently find yourself.
  • Once you speak to her she will decline to give you the money. Any dialogue option you choose here isn't necessary.
  • After she is done talking either KO or kill her (I'm not sure if it matters.) and loot her body.
  • Finally return to the bartender. The rest should take care of itslef.

If this guide is at all inacurate please fix it. Thank you.

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