Deus Ex

Set in the year 2052 a rookie cop by the name, JC Denton will have to fight his way through various locations, including New York City, Hong Kong, Paris, an Air Force Base, and Area 51. In order to uncover various conspiracys and government corruption.

  • With the use of the Skill Point system the character can upgrade a number of different abilities to tackle any situation with numerous outcomes.
  • The choice of customization is limitless as the player can upgrade various weapons such as magazine size, scopes, range, accuracy etc. The player can also customize themselves with various nan-augmentations to his/her body parts. For example using an augmentation in your eye you can choose to increase night vision or infravision. Giving the player a tough choice when deciding how he/she will want to play the game.
  • The biggest part of this game is the choice system the player has numerous ways to finish his or her mission whether they want to go about it Stealthily or guns a blazing. The game is as far from linear as you can possibly get with more than one way to get from point A to point B.

PlayStation 2
First-Person Shooter
Original US Release Date: 
June 23, 2000

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