World 4-1, Shrine of Storms - Demon's Souls

Shrine of Storms|


Boss: Adjudicator


Nexus After 4-1|



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Hey guys, I found a better place to farm to be the PPenetrator Archstone in World 1.  Run back into the previous area and there will be 3 Red Eye Knights, all with shields and spears.  If one is careful, they can attract them only one at a time using souls ray, which also does a lot of damage (nearly half where I am).

Each Knight is worth 2K souls, so three in total is 6,000.  Even if you are unfortunate enough to have to fight 2 (or even 3) at once, the fact is they are very simple to defeat if you recognize their attack patterns.  With my Dragon Longsword +4 one hit takes a third of their health.

Also, starting at the same place (Pen Arch) but going FORWARD can also yield lots of souls.  If you play up until the bridge with the dragon +2 officials, there will be 5 archers, 1 assassin, and 2 red eye knights (one 2 handed, one with a spear).  Higher level players (60+) shouldn't have a problem with this, and it can yield 10K souls in about 5 min.

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