Chapter 10: Secrets and Salvation - Dead Space: Extraction

Chapter 10 of Story Mode

On lower difficulties, this Chapter isn't so bad. However, on higher difficulties (like the Impossible difficulty), this Chapter is much more challenging. While playing through normally, you can have up to three extra Weapons and plenty of ammunition when continuing from a previous Chapter (at least on your first playthrough). However, when using Chapter Select, you only get to pick one Weapon besides the Rivet Gun to bring along. Normally, this doesn't matter as you can pick up more Weapons as the Chapter progresses. However, Chapter 10 is an exception. You do get the opportunity to grab and use a Contact Beam later on, but you'll only have your selected Primary Weapon and utterly pitiful (at this point in the game) Rivet Gun for more than half of the Chapter, so choose wisely. Through a bit of playtesting, I found that ammunition for the Line Gun and Force Gun (personal favorites of mine) didn't quite last long enough, so I ultimately decided to go with the ammunition-efficient Ripper.

The fourth and final Ripper Weapon Upgrade can be found behind a ceiling vent during the Free-Look opportunity after dealing with the first two enemies in this Chapter. (1:25) It's easy to miss this item if you don't know what you're looking for, so be on your toes. Fortunately, if you have to redo the Chapter, it's right at the beginning and the Chapter isn't that long anyways.

After a fight with Pregnants and Slashers, Weller will turn to look behind him. When this happens, you get a very brief opportunity to grab the fourth and final Contact Beam Weapon Upgrade (in the distance) near Lexine's left shoulder. (7:16)

Just after passing the Chapter's only Audio log, you should be able to find the fourth and final Force Gun Weapon Upgrade. (7:53) It's one of the easiest items to get in this Chapter, so I doubt that you'll miss it. Additionally, that Weapon Upgrade happens to be the last one in the game. Congratulations on (hopefully) getting them all!

Though the Ripper is handy for most of the Chapter, dealing with the three Flyers with either the Ripper or the Rivet Gun is a slog. Just remember that hitting a Flyer before it whips you with its tail SHOULD negate the damaging effects of the actual attack.

This video ends just after Lexine enters the shuttle.


This video begins just after Lexine enters the shuttle.

When you actually get to use it, the Contact Beam is a really good Weapon for dealing with situations that don't require crowd control. After slogging through the Chapter with an efficient but slow Weapon like the Ripper, it's fun to tear into Necromorphs with the mighty Contact Beam.

This video ends right before the Credits, but after the final cutscene of Story Mode.


The Story Mode of Dead Space: Extraction is now over! All that's left to show are the Credits and the ending screen of Chapter 10. As you see, completing the Impossible difficulty mode also unlocks the Trophies for completing the game on lower difficulties. It's a nice touch that isn't provided in all games with Trophies or Achievements for multiple difficulty options.

If the end of the video wasn't a strong enough hint, next up is Challenge Mode!

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