Chapter 09: Escaping the Ishimura - Dead Space: Extraction

Chapter 9 of Story Mode

As I noted in the previous Chapter, the length of Chapter 9 more than makes up for the brevity of the Chapter 8.

The Impossible difficulty option for this one is already cleared because I recorded this attempt after my initial attempt. I got five stars on my previous recording attempt despite missing one of the collectible Weapons, but I decided I should still redo the Chapter for the sake of completion. It was worthwhile as the missing Weapon made one of the sections easier this time around.

After Lexine leaves to search for Weller, you get a Free-Look opportunity. You can use it to find the Pulse Rifle, some containers and the fourth and final Line Gun Weapon Upgrade. (6:01)

After Lexine calls out for Nathan, you'll run to the other side of the shuttle. As you approach the room where Lexine is, you can find the third Force Gun Weapon Upgrade off to the left. (6:17)

After Nate is surprised by a passing Leaper, he'll briefly look right at the end of a hallway. The third Contact Beam Weapon Upgrade and the Flamethrower can be found here. (9:02) You only get a brief opportunity to grab both initially, but you get more opportunities shortly thereafter.

This video ends just after Nathan enters an open vent in the ceiling.


This video begins just after Nathan enters an open vent in the ceiling.

Just before getting on the platform with the ADS shells, you get a Free-Look opportunity. You can use it to grab some items and the third Ripper Weapon Upgrade. (9:05)

This video ends just before riding the platform with ADS shells.


This video begins just before riding the platform with ADS shells.

After getting off the platform with the shells, you find more supplies and get another Free-Look opportunity. Use it to nab the fourth and final Arc Welder Weapon Upgrade. (1:15) You can take the nearby Arc Welder Weapon as well, but I didn't as I find that it is not very effective (even when fully upgraded) this late in the game. (I managed to grab the Arc Welder from far away as the ride was ending, but you should be able to clearly see it while playing.)

The segment with the people waiting at the Tram Station is one of my favorite moments in the game. Very brief and more subtle, yet still cool and quite effective.

If you don't have the Line Gun (or if you just happen to lack ammunition for it), the Flamethrower is another good Weapon to use against Flyers and Lurkers. Take advantage of the Flamethrower's capabilities in Dead Space: Extraction as it is far more useful this time around. (Also, in this game the Flamethrower CAN operate in the vacuum of space, so keep that in mind if you think it'll come in handy.)

If you miss getting the Force Gun during your brief initial opportunities, you get one last chance after leaving the Captain's Nest.

This video ends just before entering the hallway before the room where Nate puts on his suit for a space walk.


This video begins just before entering the hallway before the room where Nate puts on his suit for a space walk.

It's a good idea to grab the Pulse Rifle right before the space walk. (2:39) It will come in very handy soon.

Like in the first Dead Space game, Force Gun grenades travel straight forward in zero gravity. They are a fantastic projectile in such situations and I highly recommend them for dealing with Lurkers if you don't have Line Gun or Plasma Cutter ammunition.

Like the zero gravity sequence back in Chapter 5, picking different paths means facing different sets of enemies. However, you only have to deal with (at most) Lurkers and Leapers no matter what path you choose, so it doesn't really matter which route you take. Additionally, as far as I know, it doesn't matter what route you take back as there are no enemies on the return trip.

This video ends right before the boss fight at the end of this Chapter.


This video begins right before the boss fight at the end of this Chapter.

Nate's actions right before the boss fight really frustrate me. If only he continued jumping to the airlock (instead of slowly hobbling forward), he probably would have been able to avoid the entire confrontation all together. It feels so much like a boss fight for the sake of a boss fight (perfectly in line with Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: put near the end of the game. It's especially weird since Chapter 10 lacks a boss fight, as that makes this the final boss of the game. There is no in-game foreshadowing whatsoever. I think we can all agree with Nathan's response of: "Ahhh! What the fuck!?"

Though I primarily used the Contact Beam for the first boss back in Chapter 6, I find that the Pulse Rifle is much better for this boss. It's easier to hit the pustules on the tentacles and inside the creature's esophagus with the Pulse Rifle. The Plasma Cutter is alright in this instance, but I still prefer the Pulse Rifle. Whatever the case is, I just hope you're not using the Rivet Gun. I had to use the Rivet Gun (because I ran out of ammunition for everything else) the first time I played this Chapter, and the boss fight was agonizingly slow, so I definitely recommend having some other long-range Weapon ready for this battle.

If you want to converse ammunition, you can use the Rivet Gun for the pustules inside the creature's esophagus, but properly aimed and triggered Pulse Rifle shots only consume one round, so it isn't necessary.

What you have to do in the last sequence of the Chapter is not immediately intuitive. My first time through, I tried using the Plasma Cutter, as it seemed like the most logical option. After failing with that and various other Weapons, the game finally gave a strong hint towards what I was supposed to use. I guess they did it the way they did to make it possible to finish the sequence even if you ran out of ammunition (though even then the Rivet Gun could still work).

Thus ends Chapter 9, the longest Chapter in (and the climax of) the game. Chapter 10 is another short one like Chapter 8, but it serves as a respectable challenge on the Impossible difficulty mode.

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