Chapter 07: Life and Death - Dead Space: Extraction

Chapter 7 of Story Mode

Although it is not necessary to do so when using the Chapter Select feature, I chose the Ripper as my Primary Weapon for this Chapter because it's actually fairly useful and because it's introduced in this level when playing through normally (as evidenced by Dr. Howell picking up a Ripper at the 1:23 mark). Operating the Ripper requires a bit more finesse and dexterity than using other Weapons in the game. The DualShock 3 controller controls (which is what I used for this guide) involve holding the R1 button to launch a blade, using the Left Analog Stick to move your cursor (and blade) across the screen and using the Right Analog Stick to change the rotation and distance of the blade. (Moving the Right Analog Stick horizontally rotates the blade clockwise and counterclockwise while moving the Right Analog Stick vertically moves the blade farther from and closer to the player's perspective.)

The first Contact Beam Weapon Upgrade is found in the distance after Dr. Howell says "I know they're still out there." in response to the hallucinatory "Help! Help me!" (4:27)

The Lurker's aggressive grab in this recording was the first time I've ever had it happen to me in this level. Normally, you have to use the explosive canister, the Lurker's barbs, the Rivet Gun or the Ripper's alternative fire mode to kill it, but simply completing the quick time event rid of it this time. (Also, I apologize for incessantly trying to grab the Small Med Pack. I think it glitched because I grabbed it with Kinesis at the exact moment the Lurker initiated the quick time event.)

Make sure to deal with the Exploder ASAP when it appears as part of the penultimate wave of enemies. (Using the Ripper's alternative fire on its pustule should suffice.) If you're not quick, it'll detonate and likely knock off a sizable chunk of health. In my case, it probably would have been enough to deplete all of my remaining health.

The first Ripper Weapon Upgrade is found in the large room where Dr. Howell finds Lexine. (8:05) You have a brief moment to grab it here, but you get a better opportunity later on.

This video ends shortly after grabbing the Contact Beam in the room where Dr. Howell treats Lexine.


This video begins shortly after grabbing the Contact Beam in the room where Dr. Howell treats Lexine.

After treating Lexine, Dr. Howell and her reenter the large room. (0:16) If you missed it the first time, you get more opportunities to grab the first Ripper Weapon Upgrade here.

Since your Stasis automatically refills (unlike in Dead Space 1), fighting a Brute is far easier, though the ultimate goal of such a fight is less clear this time around. (I think its less clear because you can no longer dismember a leg of the Brute, and such a strategy greatly helped in Dead Space 1.) From my best guess, it seems you need to damage to the Brute's weakpoint on its back until it throws up its arms in pain. (The Contact Beam is well-suited for this task.) Once that happens, quickly Stasis the Brute and use a Weapon to dismember one of its arms. From there, just catch and launch back explosive pods until the Brute dies.

The fourth and final Plasma Rifle Weapon Upgrade AND the third Line Gun Weapon Upgrade can be found in the very large room after Dr. Howell convinces Lexine to come with her to the Tram Station. (4:39) Make good use of your Free-Look opportunity and pick up both Weapon Upgrades, the Line Gun, the Text Log and the Arc Welding Gun collectibles from this area.

I got unlucky when some Leapers went out of my line of sight and attacked me without being open to retaliation. That's why my health fell dangerously low towards the end of this video.

This video ends shortly after Lexine and Dr. Howell board the elevator and head for Atmosphere Control.


This video begins shortly after Lexine and Dr. Howell board the elevator and head for Atmosphere Control.

The second Force Gun Weapon Upgrade is found near the the lit tube next to the damaged tube. (0:51)

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