Chapter 04: Rendezvous with Fate - Dead Space: Extraction

Chapter 4 of Story Mode

Remember the infamous ADS cannon sequences in Dead Space 1? They're back in Dead Space: Extraction, albeit the sequence only occurs once (in a modified form) and it doesn't include the possibility of your guns overheating.

You have the potential to get two Trophies in this sequence. The first is the You Need Glasses Partner? Bronze Trophy. Simply complete the flight sequence with single digit shielding remaining. The second is the Taking Your Time, McNeill? Hidden Bronze Trophy and it involves Lexine during the portion where the team suits up for the space walk. I'm not going to tell you how to do this one, you perv...

As shown in the video, the floating debris has the potential to do minor damage if it comes into contact with you. It can easily be moved away with Kinesis, and there are plenty of med kits floating around if you need to restore your health.

This video ends shortly after opening and entering the airlock.


This video begins shortly after opening and entering the airlock.

You can find the third Rivet Gun Weapon Upgrade in the lower left of the closet with the survivor. (2:18)

The second Pulse Rifle Weapon Upgrade is on the left side of the room past the hallway with the booby trap that must be defused. (5:22)

This video ends just before entering the optional area with the Line Gun.


This video begins just before entering the optional area with the Line Gun.

Just like in Dead Space 1, the Line Gun is a highly effective and efficient weapon. Proper aim allows you to dismember and destroy a Slasher or Leaper with a single round of ammunition. It's even possible to line up multiple Slashers and take them all out with a single beam. I highly recommend keeping the Line Gun on hand to make your life much easier.

The second Flamethrower Weapon Upgrade can be easily found near the center of the room just after the hallway containing the Line Gun. (0:39)

The third P-Sec Pistol Weapon Upgrade is in the locked closet found shortly after the elevator ride where Lexine gets a nosebleed. (4:36)

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