Author's Introduction + Guide Format - Dead Space: Extraction

Dead Space: Extraction Concept Art

Welcome to my Dead Space: Extraction guide for the PlayStation 3. This game was originally released as a Nintendo Wii title, but was later rereleased (with HD graphics and PlayStation Move support) as a stand-alone PlayStation Network downloadable game. (It was also included in some PlayStation 3 versions of Dead Space 2.) Unlike the first Dead Space console game (which was a third person action-horror shooter), Dead Space: Extraction is a rail shooter, and this means that you will almost always automatically be on the move. There are a few alternative paths and hidden areas from time to time, but the game is highly linear just like many other arcade-style rail shooters.

For this guide, I will be using the standard DualShock 3 Controller instead of the PlayStation Move accessories. (It is entirely possible to play and complete Dead Space: Extraction with just the regular PS3 Controller.) I cover how to get Five Stars on every Chapter on the Impossible difficulty mode. I also collect every Weapon, Text Log and Audio Log. (Since they are one-time collectibles, unlike all of the other collectibles, I indirectly tell you how to get the Weapon Upgrades.)


If you played Dead Space 1 on either the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, but didn't play Dead Space: Extraction on the Nintendo Wii, you might be wondering if this game is worth getting. I got it from the PlayStation Network for $15 USD, and I thought it was a solid purchase. It was a bit pricey for my tastes back when it used to be just a retail Wii game, but as a price-slashed PSN downloadable game, it's a worthwhile experience for fans of the Dead Space franchise. Many environments, gameplay elements and story bits are reused from the first game, but it still serves to meaningfully expand upon the franchise (and does it much better than Dead Space: Downfall, in my opinion).


Dead Space: Extraction clearly delineates sections of the game by breaking the Story Mode up into Chapters, so this guide will be broken up the same way. Usually, recordings for each Chapter are divided into three videos, but a few Chapters break the mold and are either a bit shorter or a bit longer. Though I did not include audio commentary for this guide, I did include textual commentary that can be found below each of the corresponding embedded YouTube video players. Much of the text is superfluous, but I do include the description of the locations of Weapon Upgrades there. Weapon Upgrades remain persistently collected after you've collected them once, so I can't actually show you where they are without starting and completing a new file (to unlock the Impossible difficulty mode again) AND making sure I don't collect a single Weapon Upgrade for the entirety of that particular playthrough. I'm not going to do that, but I think the current set-up is a fair compromise.

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