Zealot Difficulty Walkthrough - Dead Space 2

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Chapter 01

Intro Cutscene [1/6]
Straight Jacket [2/6]
Gearing Up [3/6]
Patient 5 [4/6]
Stasis [5/6]
Tripod [6/6]

Chapter 02

Apartments [1/3]
Subway Station [2/3]
Crazy Train [3/3]

Chapter 03

Lightspeed Boy [1/3]
Zero G [2/3]
Unitology Time [3/3]

Chapter 04

In the Church [1/2]
Clever Girls [2/2]

Chapter 05

Demo Time [1/3]
Terrible Toddlers [2/3]
Things Get Visceral [3/3]

Chapter 06

Poppin' Cysts [1/6]
Fire Room [2/6]
Ellie [3/6]
Fashion Kid [4/6]
Recess [5/6]
Brute [6/6]

Chapter 07

Elevator Fun [1/6]
A.I. Problem [2/6]
Peng Room [3/6]
To the Solar Array [4/6]
Fixing the Solar Array [5/6]
Hurry Up Ellie [6/6]

Chapter 08

Vintage Suit [1/3]
More Zero G [2/3]
Reunited [3/3]

Chapter 09

Divider [1/4]
Fix the Gear [2/4]
Raptor Room [3/4]
Explosive Barrels [4/4]

Chapter 10

Dos Brutes [1/7]
Restore the Centrifuge [2/7]
Decontamination [3/7]
Black Lights [4/7]
Slimer Was Here [5/7]
Bulbasaurs [6/7]
Escape Pod [7/7]

Chapter 11

Sloped Room [1/4]
Change the Battery [2/4]
A Pirate is Born [3/4]
Contact Beam Baby [4/4]

Chapter 12

Fix the Drill [1/2]
Drill Ride [2/2]

Chapter 13

Gunship [1/5]
Government Sector [2/5]
Lights Out [3/5]
Lasers [4/5]
Going Down [5/5]

Chapter 14

The Marker [1/3]
Eye Poker [2/3]
Final Zero G [3/3]

Chapter 15

Finish Him [1/2]
Final Boss [2/2]

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Some tips:

The flamethrower doesn't suck anymore, and it kills the undead kids really well, but it also makes them drop their loot automatically. It's an easy way to farm ammo and money. It's also not too bad against regular zombies, especially with the alt fire.

The Contact Beam might take .4 seconds to charge up but it deals massive damage to the final boss (the marker heart). On easier difficulties it'll even kill it in one shot.

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In Chapter 5 after you are grabbed by the tripod and have to fight off a wave of the Pack (Kiddy zombies) instead of backing up to the wall, run all the way back to th entrance. 

The pack will be funnelled into the small hallway, you can't get flanked this way. You can also kill 2 Packs with one shot if you line it up correctly. 

In the area where you first encounter the Stalker (Fast running Necromorph) as soon as the gates come down, run towards the broken elevator, its to the right of the door that gets destroyed. If you go into the elevator the Stalkers wont get you.

Its a good safe haven to recharge your stasis, also if you into the elevator while a stalker is charging, it will turn around and run off.

At the end of Chapter 7 where Ellie has to open the door for you, where you have to stand your ground, your first enemy is The Pack. Dont kill them, instead run circles around the whole area, no other enemies will spawn. Also don't stop running untill the door opens or you will get hit. 

Makes for an easy fight.

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