Severed DLC - Zealot Difficulty Walkthrough - Dead Space 2

This is my walkthrough of the severed dlc for dead space 2, these videos have been sitting on my computer since march. And never really got round to getting voiceovers done, however recently a made a friend through WGG, his name is quite popular amongst  this community. Most recently popular for his excellent job on L.A noire, RvBfreak joins me in these long overdue voiceovers. I hope you like the guide and it helps people, and i also hope you find the voiceovers some what helpful and entertaining. 

Chapter 01 :

Grinders [1/3]

Door Countdown & Elevator Drop [2/3]

3 Juice Boxes & Bye Bye Ship [3/3]

Chapter 02

Backtracking Through The Hospital [1/4]

More Backtracking & Dead Babies [2/4]

Men In Black Arrive [3/4]

Catch A Grenade [4/4]

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