Part 23 | FAILS DURING EPICNESS - Dead Space 2

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ABOUT THAT NODE ROOM EXPLOIT. Don't waste your time on that one. There is a far, far, far better one at the end of the game. Specifically the last save room in Chapter 14, right after a zero-G sequence.

You open a door and right in front of you is a power node door lock. Open it and there is 2 Power Nodes and a Ruby Semiconductor (worth $10,000 I think). Anyways, go and save in the room down the hall with a store and workbench. Restart checkpoint and go back to the node room and both nodes and Ruby conductor will have respawned!  You can keep doing it and get all the nodes you need to upgrade every weapon and 10,000 each time as well. Once in a great while, they might stop spawning the nodes. If that happens, just go back out into the room with the zero-G and the switch, then go back in and try again and it should respawn. I have upgraded every weapon in the game just at that point and have around 700,000 credits.

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