Hardcore Difficulty Video Walkthrough w/ Commentary - Dead Space 2

Guide Details : this guide is my second guide and is a little different from the other five different guides on this site. Mostly because the videos are either made in the playtime of hours before the player stops playing, for example chapter 1 to chapter 5, would be 1 - 2 hours long. My videos are made into sections of the chapters much like a normal walkthough, it also consists of dual commentary from both myself and friend ChingPongHow. The game was played on the xbox 360 console and the player is given an automatic save when changing discs on chapter 10, however not if you turn off the console, believe me i know because i was one of the few people that did not know this. 


Save Points & Gun's Used : 

Chapter 3 - I made this a save because it is early on however it is almost all of the way through disc one and many players my give up if they die on chapter 6 or 7. The save is directly after the tram section. 

Chapter 10 - This save is litterally as ypu enter the ishimura, just as you take an elevator up and upon walking into the first room as the first game. The save station would be placed to the left upon entering this room. The reason i made this save is because it is the longest mission in the game and also because it is fairly far into disc 2. 

Chapter 13 - This is a well known save point and normally what many guide makers make there final save, for example this was beer barons last save in the game. This save can be made directly before the eye poker machine section, if the player forgets it can be accessed by backtracking. The reason this is the last save is because it isn't that far from the ending of the game and is a common save point for hardcore difficulty. 

Guns & Upgrades Used Throughout The Walkthrough : I mainly used the plasma cutter because i grew up with this gun since the first game and i am very precise with it, also the ammo isn't that much credits in the game. I fully uprgrade the plasma cutter first, this is because this is the only gun i use. Eventually there will come a point on disc 2 around chapter 11 or 12 where the contact beam is essential. In the game i buy the contact beam around chapter 10, this gives me time to then collect a couple more nodes and gather some credits. The reason for this is becasue i am going to respec the plasma cutter and place all nodes into the contact beam, the extra nodes will then be used for the plasma cutter. This way i can carry a toned down version of the plasma cutter yet be able to carry alot of ammo, whilt aslo having a fully upgraded contact beam which makes chapter 11 and onwards alot easier for the player.

Suit Upgrades : First i focused on fully upgrading my rig, but not the damage, the damage indicates the mele and makes your punches stronger. Althrough this might be useful at other difficulty levels, however on hardcore the player needs to ensure that enemies do not get this close to issac. I avoided upgrading the damage and that then left me with more nodes, i only upgraded the hp for the rig to give issac more chance of surviving big encounters such as bosses are when theres big groups of enemies. I also upgraded the stasis, but not by that much, this was more of a second priority in the game and the rig became first. The reason stasis is important though is because sometimes the player can delay enemies while the player works on killing another set of enemies, it helps to slow more powerful enemies to ensure that the player make every shot count. 

Closing Comments : And thats it really, if there is anything else please do let me know through messages or e-mail. And, yeah please follow the guide and i hope it helps, give me feedback if possible and all constructive criticsm is welcomed, because it gives me a chance to improve.

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