Chapter 15 - Dead Space 2

Finish Him [1/2]

Final Boss [2/2]

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lol, that ending was great. expected something from the first game to happen, then "...What?"


Great guide Explicit_D, keep up the great work you guys

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maybe your next guide should be the dlc for dead space 2 where they are two more chapters on zealot 

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Dan understimates the contact beam damage, I think. It's pretty damn good against the Marker Heart.

Another way to do this is if you have the Line Gun. Just drop a mine next to Nicole and run around to avoid the other mobs. The mine should kill her instantly (or at least if it's upgraded). It also means you get all the ammo drops from the children necros, so it's at the very least a good way to get ammo for your other guns.


Great guide, Dan, looking forward to Killzone 3 and John raging for 6 hours. :P

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I'm very curious about Issac's look, at the end on the game. Is that a corrupted look or OMG we're finally done with it look. 

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HE'S FREAKIN' CRAZY!  Noone understands the inner thoughts of a wacko, so... the world may never know.

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