Chapter 12 - Dead Space 2

Fix the Drill [1/2]

Drill Ride [2/2]

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TK object - They ALL kill.  That's how I killed a damn Guardian with a class 2 (lunch box) for my specialty run.  It had its tentacles dismembered.  It's just that class 1, 2 and 3 tend to do really shitty damage. 

Class 2 can dismember pretty well.  Class 3 knocks fools down.  Class 4's (explosives) and Class 5's (impales) are obvious.

I once mentioned that Pack are extremely fragile enemies just like Swarm.  Unlike more durable Necros where you need some skill to go without gunfire or class 4/5 while getting kills, these will do easily to pretty much anything.

So the noted Pack can be murdered by melee and TK'd objects (including their allies body parts) in one blow on all settings.

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In 1/2 "fix the drill" you missed a node.

At 20 sec in, when TKing the loot, if you look down and to the right you should see a node sitting on the ground, its on the same level as the ammo.

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