Chapter 11 - Dead Space 2

Sloped Room [1/4]

Change the Battery [2/4]

A Pirate is Born [3/4]

Contact Beam Baby [4/4]

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the dead space 2 title on the wikigamegudies show the ch taht u did but cant dlick on it

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A Pirate is Born [3/4]  I think there is a Semiconductor, outside, on the right side of the entrance (the place blocked by lasers), but sb need to check it out.

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So in part 2/4 you basically spoiled the ending chapters while talking about Hardcore run.
I'd put some warning there.

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In part 1/4 he said I found a node but I haven't even played this game yet. BTW Canadians FTW!

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Hey Jon, just sayin, the equation that you said in part 4 wasn't really a physics equation.  It was the ideal gas law, which doesn't have much to do with motion.  Great guide though!

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