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The floater's main attack is to vomit acidic stomach juices on you. This zombie type is introduced late into Act II when you are in the sewers. This is a variation of a Drowner zombie.



Infected are a variation of the average zombie. These enemies can flat out sprint at you and do surprising amounts of damage.



The Butcher is a zombie with sharpened bones for arms. This guy will slice and dice you. While running at you, he will screech, alerting other zombies.



This zombie is a variation of the Floater type zombie. Much like it's smaller counterpart, it vomits on the player, which deals large amounts of damage and temporarily impairs your vision.



This type of zombie wears a straight jacket and runs at you. It deals massive amounts of damage, but is notably easy to avoid. It is introduced in the beginning of Act II.



The Suicider explodes, it will wipe out all of your health if you are in about a 15 foot radius. It explodes after you get too close to it or if you take all of it's health down.



The Thug is the first special zombie you meet.  This zombie packs a powerful punch that will send you flying at least 10 feet.



Walkers are the weakest, most common types of zombies in the game. They do less damage than the others and are usually easy to outrun. They tend to gang up on you to provide a bigger challenge.

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