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1800 XP, Cash




Talk to Sinamoi after the Piece of Cake quest to begin this quest.  You must check the two gas stations and bring back two packs of juice.  In the closer gas station there is a juice pack on the ground across from the register.

When you get to the second gas station, you'll see electrified water outside and you'll have to complete the Waterdance side quest.

With the electricity off you can climb on the gas station and break the window to get in.  There are plenty of juice packs in this gas station.  So pack a couple into a truck and head back.

When you get back to the Lifeguard Tower, place the juice packs in the back of the garage where the flag is on your mini-map.  There will be outlines on the floor where you're supposed to put them.

Go talk to Sinamoi to get your reward.  Talk to him again to start the Born to be Wild quest.


ID Card #014 - Next to the cash register in the closer gas station.

ID Card #025 - On the way to the second gas station, there is a truck that hit a light pole on the left it's 182M away from the second gas station.  The card is on the dash of the truck.

ID Card #024 - On the roof of the second gas station it's in a red box.

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